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ELC Student Spotlight: Mohammed Bin Hamdain

Mohammed Bin Hamdain, a new student from Yemen in the intensive English program, recently attended Georgetown student events on the Hilltop campus on his own and learned a lot. We asked Mohammed a few questions so he could share his inspiration with other ELC students! 

  1. What is the work you are currently doing in your country? Why do you want to study at Georgetown?

I’m chairman of a foundation for legal development that focuses on training, workshops and awareness raising in my country. I joined Georgetown University because of its emphasis on law and politics, and because I want to become a UN envoy in the future.

  1. How did you find out about student clubs and lectures (speeches/workshops) on the Hilltop campus? Which student clubs did you join?

I’m always checking e-mail updates from the university, and this is how I know about Georgetown student events. After I saw an email about student organizations, I visited the exhibition and joined the organizations that I liked, such as politics and the Philodemic Society. All Georgetown students recently got an invitation in their email from the Office of the President of Georgetown University to attend a seminar on the “Future of Interreligious Dialogue” to make peace, which I also attended.

  1. What do you recommend other ELC students do to get involved?

I recommend my classmates develop their language by participating in university activities and making new friends interested in similar topics. If they like these topics, they can become leaders. I’m also interested in starting a music club for EFL students, so I hope other students will join me.

Great initiative, Mohammed! If you are interested in talking more with Mohammed, please email him at mb2289@georgetown.edu.