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Georgetown ELC Faculty Share Insights at 2019 TESOL International Convention

Every year, professors from the English Language Center (ELC) join TESOL professionals from all over the globe to share research and classroom experiences, learning from one another and being inspired by new ideas to bring back to Georgetown ELC. At the 2019 TESOL International Convention & English Language Expo in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, a week-long conference from March 11-15, several ELC faculty facilitated workshops and presented on relevant topics in TESOL, including development of classroom materials, challenges with grading and assessment, incorporating volunteering and service opportunities into curriculum, and advocating for ESOL children and their families.

Faculty attend conferences not only to share their own ideas, but also to learn new ways to improve their classroom and the student experience.

Professors Gallop, Zitlau, and Dr. Weger present
on assessment challenges

“I feel energized when I get to hear about the good ideas other teachers are trying (and good questions they’re asking!). Like any part of life, it’s important to always be learning, and conferences are the perfect opportunity to learn from other teachers.”

Sharla Rivera, SCS Writing Lab Director and Lecturer, Georgetown ELC

“I often find out from the presentations of experts in the field that I already implement what they recommend, and that awareness strengthens my confidence in the materials and tasks that I develop for my students.”

Sigrun Biesenbach-Lucas, PhD, Associate Teaching Professor, Georgetown ELC

Conferences help teachers reflect on their teaching practice and encourage collaboration and problem-solving with others.

Conference attendees network with other teachers and discuss new ideas in TESOL.

“I often improve my class or solve a problem by hearing the experiences of other teachers. I’m grateful to be part of a collaborative and encouraging teaching community, so I want to pay it forward when I have an idea I think others could benefit from learning.”

– Stephanie Gallop, Assistant Teaching Professor, Georgetown ELC

“My presentation topics are often inspired by pain points in my teaching practice. The process of discussing a challenge with colleagues, exploring what the latest research says about it, and then developing the presentation itself allows me to better articulate solutions and share insights. More importantly, it makes me a more effective instructor as I implement and experiment with what I’ve learned.”

Heather Gregg Zitlau, Assistant Teaching Professor, Georgetown ELC

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