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ELC Students Celebrate Super Bowl 2020

According to Fox, on Sunday, approximately 102 million Americans watched the Super Bowl, the championship for American football. Current ELC students, Ante “Niko” Fistonic, Juan Pablo Collado, and ELC alum, Obaid Alderei were among the 102 million viewers who got together to watch it.

“Watching the Super Bowl was an extraordinary experience. Throughout the weekend, I had the opportunity to learn more and more about football and immerse myself in the American culture. Without any doubt, watching the Super Bowl is a highly beneficial experience for international students.”

Ante “Niko” Fistonic

Niko, Juan, and Obaid made the Super Bowl a success!
_✔_ Enjoy the game
_✔_ Watch the commercials
_✔_ Get together with friends
_✔_ Take in the Halftime Show
_✔_ Eat delicious food prepared for the game