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Student Worker Profile: Alessandro Nigro

Alessandro Nigro is a student worker at the English Language Center and master’s degree candidate in Georgetown University’s Communication, Culture, and Language program. A Miami native now living in Washington, D.C. for his second year, Alessandro shares insights from his journey to Georgetown, international travel experiences, and recommendations for sight-seeing in the nation’s capital.

Tell us about how you got to Georgetown, and more specifically, the Communications, Culture, and Technology program.

I’ve had communications-related jobs, and communications is something that I feel relatively effective at. What I like about the program I’m in, Communication, Culture, and Technology, is that it’s interdisciplinary enough that I can use the skills I have already built to move forward in a different path, without losing the skills I developed as an undergraduate.

Where did you study as an undergraduate?

I studied at Florida International University in Miami, FL. I started with studying communications and then switched to international relations. I hope to merge communications with culture, as well as apply tech to it, because that is relevant now.

What is your favorite part about living in DC?

The public transportation in DC is really good so it’s super easy to get around the city. There are a lot of hidden things that are fun to do; it’s nice to go to Dumbarton Oaks in Georgetown, the Arboretum in Northeast DC, and it’s nice to wander around different neighborhoods. You’ve got Bloomingdale, Shaw, and Logan Circle, places Georgetown students might not necessarily go to, that are super accessible from the School of Continuing Studies’ downtown DC campus so I recommend just walking around and seeing what you find.

What are some fun facts about you?

I have been to fifty countries. I have also been an international student twice, so if you see me around campus, feel free to reach out! I have lived in Madrid and Buenos Aires. In Madrid, I worked full-time and took a Spanish class. In Buenos Aires, I was a full-time student at a university that specialized in exchanges between Argentinians and North Americans. As part of the program, I took the spot of an Argentinian, and a student from Argentina took my spot in Miami. I was a student just learning the ropes myself, figuring out how the city worked. 

Where would you like to travel next?

I’m applying to work abroad after graduation so I’m definitely interested in London, Madrid, and Hong Kong. For tourism, I want to go to Iceland.

What is the most interesting class you’ve taken at Georgetown?

It’s actually a class I’m taking right now called ‘Tech for Political Changes,’ and it’s about the way technology affects politics, essentially. It’s a super interesting class.

What is your most interesting out-of-class experience at Georgetown?

I took ‘Archival Methods: Rights to Information,’ last semester and that was fun because half the class was taking field trips to museums and exploring their archives. Something I recommend is checking out the National Archives; it was really interesting, and I got to see some records of my grandparents in their collection.

What do you most like about working at the ELC?

The students. It’s really interesting to see where everyone comes from and where they’re going from here.

Author Meena Raman (’20) is a graduating senior in Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business.